Soletics is developing a wearable platform technology to deliver superior temperature management of the body. The current embodiment is in the form of ultra-thin, battery powered, auto-thermoregulatory gloves. These gloves house temperature sensors in the fingers, which send real-time feedback to a microprocessor concealed within the glove. This data is then used to inform ‘smart’ heating elements located strategically throughout the glove. After engaging in over 1,000 personal interviews, the Soletics team learned a wide range of individuals have the problem of their extremities uncomfortably oscillating between being too cold and too warm. To solve this problem, the Soletics glove actively adapts to the conditions of the individual user, and automatically regulates each finger to a predefined temperature. This means that, at any activity level, the user’s hands will remain comfortable without the need to manually adjust any settings or engage in layer management. Based upon these customer interviews, this system has the potential to be valuable in many different markets, including outdoor recreation, outdoor industrial applications, and pro athletics. 


Because the Soletics system uses real-time feedback on each finger to inform heat output, the battery lasts longer than comparable products on the market. The entire time the system is active, it uses only as much power as needed—never more. In addition, based on significant biological research, the team has learned this system not only significantly improves the temperature regulation of the hands, but also the temperature regulation of the entire body. This is particularly useful for those who need adaptive temperature management over long periods of time. 


Many gloves and mittens on the market now rely on insulation materials to effectively keep hands warm. Through electronic supplementation, Soletics can strip some of that insulation out while still providing warmth. This means, Soletics products are much less bulky, allowing users to perform activities that would otherwise require the removal of a traditional glove (i.e. working on the computer indoors or working with snowboarding bindings outside). Soletics provides better temperature management with significantly less weight and bulk.


Because Soletics is using conductive threading as opposed to traditional wires, the gloves will last much longer than other heated gloves while providing superior thermal management. Traditional heated gloves use resistive wire and elements. Each time users bend the fingers, they are causing degradation in the wire, which will eventually cause it to break. The Soletics system does not use these wires, which means that the system will last 3-5 times longer than that of a traditional heated glove.