Soletics is a tech company started by three students. We are currently developing a platform technology that can be integrated into a textile base to help with temperature management of the body. The current embodiment is a heated, battery powered glove that actively adapts to the temperature of each individual finger. Our gloves outsmart the competition. Instead of wasting power by dumping heat places it is not needed, our gloves only provide the necessary amount of heat to each 'zone' automatically. No button pushing, programming, or tech-know-how required! This allows the gloves to perform at maximum efficiency, increasing battery life and decreasing the amount of insulation needed. The result is a remarkably thin, comfortable pair of gloves guaranteed to last for hours. Currently, our team is in the product development stage, with plans to release our gen. 1 product line locally late 2015. Over the last two years, our company has engaged over one thousand potential consumers, pivoted five times, and won over 55 thousand dollars in grants and awards to get to where we are today. To read more about our journey, click here

Recently, Soletics underwent a brand redesign. We began as a winter sports company with products focused on skiers and snowboarders. While the winter athletic market is still near and dear to our hearts, our new direction allows us to scale more quickly. Soletics is no longer a winter brand, it is now the parent company to a variety of sub-brands. These smaller companies will allow us to tailor our products specifically to the needs of consumers in multiple markets. To stay updated on the growth of the Soletics family, check out our blog and like us on facebook!