We are Team Soletics. Currently, we are developing a specialty heated glove for Raynaud's Disease.  But this isn't your everyday heated glove. To address the unique symptoms of Raynaud's, we added features like individual heating zones for each finger and automatic temperature control. We also made the glove body extra thin and completely washable. This means you can effectively type, write, knit, cook, and more all while maintaining the perfect temperature—indoors or out!

About Us

Team Soletics is the product of a class project and serendipity. Originally, our team set out to create solar powered heated gear for spring athletes in the off-season. Now, Soletics is creating heated gloves for Raynaud's Disease. We've taken a number of twists and turns on our journey to get where we are today. We even added a few new members to our wolf pack—like the National Raynaud's Association—to help us reach our goal of Raynaud's symptom relief. Meet our team, read our story, and decide if you to would like to join the Soletics' wolf pack

Our Products

Soletics' first product is focused on individuals with Raynaud's Disease. The speciality heated gloves come packed with features focused on the specific symptoms of Raynaud's. They are unlike any other heated glove for Raynaud's on the market. Explore our glove's features and let us know what you think! You could influence the final design, and even snag a pair before the mass release.

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Michael Kurley - CEO

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