We didn't always create smart heated gloves for Raynaud's Disease. Soletics was founded in 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the goal of creating thin, solar powered heated athletic gear. This inspired the company name, Soletics—a combination of the words solar and athletics. However, after testing, researching, and refining the original concept, Soletics shifted focus to improving the quality of life of Raynaud’s sufferers. 


Soletics makes speciality heated gloves with features created specifically for Raynaud's Disease and other related conditions. The overall design and features packed into the Soletics Raynaud's Glove are based on the feedback from both individual sufferers and members of the National Raynaud's Association. Rather than creating just another pair of traditional heated gloves, we made ours thin, responsive, and hand washable. These gloves were designed with you in mind. We wanted them to become a simple part of your daily routine so you can get back to doing the things you love.


The short answer is because we wanted to make something that mattered. Something more than just a fancy pair of gloves. Throughout our journey, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, and learned a great deal about daily life with a connective tissue or autoimmune disorder like Raynaud's Disease. As a result of this collaboration, we created a specialized product and compiled a list of resources to help inform and improve the lives of those who suffer from these issues. This list is always growing and our product is constantly evolving! If you would like to join our family, please contact us to get involved in our process. 

You can learn more about our values by visiting the Soletics Mission & Vision page.