Meet the Family

Team Soletics is backed by a highly experienced, interdisciplinary team of advisors and partners. While we are now masters of bootstrapping in our own right, we fully realize that without the support of these individuals we wouldn’t have been able to progress so far so rapidly. Thank you a hundred times over (and once more for good measure).


Catherine Creamer
Gary Tilkin
Jim Medsker
Kevin McCurren
Lynn Wunderman
Robert Koenen
Robert Nesky
Todd Yates

Partners & Special Thanks

Soletics is proud to be working closely with Keystone Solutions Group for the development of our first products. They have been critical, honest, and unafraid to provide both positive and negative feedback. We couldn't have asked for a better partner. 

Along with help from our advisors and our university’s Center for Entrepreneurship, several professionals have provided us with invaluable services during our progression from paper to product. We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to:

If there's one thing we've learned throughout this process, it's the importance of getting connected with your community. Do you have a start-up? We'd love to swap war stories with you sometime! Need help getting started? A majority of our team works at the GVSU Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, if we can't help you, chances are we know someone who can. Think you can help us? Team Soletics is always open to meeting with anyone who is interested in what we're doing. Don't be afraid to contact us anytime!

We wouldn't have connected with any of the amazing individuals listed on this page if we hadn't been involved in the Grand Rapids, Michigan community. It's our turn to give a little something back.