Our solution for Raynaud's attacks takes a physical form similar to existing heating or compression gloves. However, through working with people who suffer from Raynaud's Disease, we have developed several unique features that make the Soletics Raynaud's Smart Glove a one-of-a-kind solution. The first production line of the Raynaud's Smart Glove will sell for $250. This will include two detachable, rechargeable powerband bracelets and a pair of smart fabric gloves. As we continue to grow, we will release glove sets at different price-points. In the future, we will also be releasing socks, shirts, pants and more!


To address the physical triggers of Raynaud's, we have developed a predictive heating effect that automatically informs where heat needs to be applied on a finger-by-finger basis. No need to push buttons or mess with settings. The gloves will detect a change in temperature before you feel it and adjust accordingly. 

The first iteration of the Soletics Raynaud's gloves retails for $250. This package includes two interchangeable power bracelets and a pair of smart-fabric gloves. As Soletics continues with development, more models and price variations will become available


As opposed to other Raynaud's gloves, which predominantly use nichrome resistive wire, Soletics uses a specialized conductive thermal fabric that heats when current is applied. This fabric approach provides a much more effective and comfortable heat distribution throughout the hand. It also acts as a fail-safe. If some of the fabric is damaged, the glove will still function; whereas damage to gloves using traditional wires would render the entire system useless.

Additionally, sensors are placed strategically inside the glove. These sensors constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside the glove. When a user's body temperature begins to drop below optimal, the sensors inform the glove how much heat is needed and where. This responsive approach allows the Soletics Raynaud's Smart Glove to perform at increased efficiency.