Soletics Smart Glove

While they may appear to be just another pair of gloves, through working with people who suffer from poor circulation, we have developed several unique features that make our glove one-of-a-kind. The Glove Starter-kit includes two detachable, rechargeable power packs plus charger, and a pair of smart fabric gloves. Touchscreen compatible.

thin construction

The Soletics Smart Glove relies on specialty conductive fabric rather than traditional wire. Our heated fabric allows warmth to be spread more evenly over a larger surface, and removes the worry of fragile wires breaking during use.

Automatic heating 

Small sensors strategically located in zones throughout the glove register temperature changes. These sensors then inform the glove how much heat is needed and where, all before the wearer can feel the temperature change. 

Modular system

The glove can be worn with or without the battery pack. Charging the pack can be accomplished via the charging port on the back end. To remove or exchange batteries, simply slide the battery back into the pack's base.