How We Got Here

Soletics began as a university project in 2012. Originally focused on bringing green energy into everyday life, the flagship concept centered on solar powered, heated athletic apparel. The hope was to reduce injury due to improper warm-ups by creating sleek, responsive heated gear. A prototype jacket and glove set was created as proof of concept. After competing on a state and national scale, numerous product pivots were executed. The most recent, and significant, shift focused on the intended user of the base technology. Through conducting hundreds of interviews and collecting available product data, a true need for responsive heated apparel presented itself. The widespread suffering caused by connective tissue disorders and the general lack of specialized treatment options prompted Soletics to shift from athletics to therapeutics. As a result, Soletics created the Raynaud's Smart Glove


Our goal is to create seamless solutions to temperature regulation issues.


Soletics aims to be the foremost creator of intuitive disappearables. 


As a company, Soletics places the highest importance upon positively impacting the human experience, both through our products and our company culture.

  • Equality & Inclusion: anyone who identifies as anything will find acceptance at Soletics.

  • Collaboration: the best experiences and ideas come from the joining of many different individuals.

  • Adaptability: the world changes quickly and so should we.